*Russian for Adoptive Parents
Waiting for that referral and want something worth while to do. How about learning some simple phrases to help ease the transistion for your new child. *Russian for  Adoptive Parents contains over 180 phrases that you will want to learn. From simple questions about needs like "Are you hungry?" to sharing feelings like "I love you" to identifying yourself, "We are your Mommy and Daddy," This CD/tape has it all. There will be nothing more comforting to your new child during that transition time than to hear you speak familiar phrases to them
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                               Over 100 phrases to include:
                                 I am your Mommy.
                                 I am your Daddy.
                                 I love you.
                                 Do you need to use the toilet?
                                 Are you hungry?
                                 Do you want to eat?
                                 Do you want a drink?
                                 Do you want more?
                                 Are you all done?
                                 Be careful.
                                 It's hot.
                                 It's cold.
                                 It is time to go to sleep.
                                 You are a good girl.
                                 You are a good boy.
                                 You are so pretty.
                                 You are so handsome.
                                 Thank you.
                                 You're welcome.
                                 Sit down.
                                 We will be there soon.
                                 This will make you feel better.
                                  It is time for your bath.
                                 And many many more....

I'm an adoptive Mom with three adopted children from three different countries. When I adopted my daughter, Katie, and dealt with her constant crying for 24 hours I knew something had to be done. It seemed no amount of comforting would soothe her. I tried rocking and singing some songs I knew. It didn't phase her pitiful crying. I tried to talk to her softly about how much I loved and cared about her, reassuring her she was safe.. I didn't know any of her language. It had never dawned on me to try to learn her language as I had always heard they acquire our language so quickly.  I did know how to say thank you and your welcome in her language, Russian. On the second night, in desperation, I began singing those two Russian words I knew to a made up tune. As soon as I began to sing she quieted down. And she stayed quieted down while I sang. It was then I realized the importance of learning at least a little of the language of my adopted childrens countries. The CD/tape that I offer is professionally made in a studio with a Russian native translating each English phrase into Russian repeating the Russian translation twice after each english phrase. Included with the audio translations is a list of phrases in English followed by the romanized Russian translations.
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